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Community Counselling CIC was set up as Wellington Counselling CIC and we have updated our name to reflect our growth, which also means we are recruiting non executive directors to join us now (click here for more information).

The organisation was created with the express purpose of offering free and/or affordable counselling and therapeutic services to families, children and young people who are disadvantaged and vulnerable, and live primarily, but not exclusively, in the southwest.

We are a friendly and professional independent service provided by counsellors in your community who care about the wellbeing of adults, children and families.

We are committed to removing the barriers to equal access to mental health by providing counselling that is affordable and available when and where it is needed, making wellness possible for everyone… wherever they are.

Our belief is that healthy and strong families make for a strong and healthy community.

We have counselling offices in Wellington and Bridgwater and offer an outreach service in Yeovil. We also offer online and telephone counselling options.

To find out more, please visit either our Wellington Counselling or Bridgwater Counselling websites using the links below.

If you would like to request counselling at any of our locations, you can fill out the referral form on either of our websites to arrange a no-obligation assessment.

If you are interested in joining our service as a non-executive director or counsellor, or are seeking a trainee counsellor placement, please click here.

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Community Counselling CIC is a private company limited by guarantee without share capital Community Interest Company (CIC) | Company number 11217477